VOICE Dance Theater

Choreography by Vitaly Frolov

VOICE Dance Theater – is exclusive unique dance show by russian dance champion Vitaly Frolov, his own choreography, direction, costumes, and all performance as a whole. Each dance of the VOICE show is a stunner: the incredible choreography, an explosion of emotions and luxury costumes! VOICE dancers are winners of many international awards, participants of the show "Dancing" (Channel One Russia) and "Dancing with the Stars" members (russian version).

Voice Dance Theatre or voice dance theater has created a well-known choreographer and dancer - Vitaly Frolov. Vitaly Frolov - a master of his craft. Great performer, choreographer stunning. In his hands, all the dancers and the dancers are transformed into amazing masterpieces that never cease to marvel at people. Dance show , which he created, captivated audiences of all ages with their professionalism, skill and talent. Dancing . Show-ballet or show ballet voice - an example of good taste in choreography. Beautiful costumes, exceptionally beautiful dancers, gorgeous setting. Bright, paddle dance. The lyrical and romantic dancing. Incendiary, Latin American dances. Dance group Voice works in many cities in Russia. Moscow - a city of great opportunities. St. Petersburg or St. Petersburg - the city of our dreams, a beautiful, gorgeous, it began with the rise of dance theater Voice. Volgograd - the city of our childhood, where we opened our first school dance. There now exist two branches of our dance school voice. Dancing - this unusual art form. You can invite Voice on your holiday, anniversary, birthday, corporate, wedding . We are happy for you to discover the wonderful world of dance. Dancers on holiday . Dancers at corporate. Dance group to the event. Dance show for the wedding. Order dance theater performance Voice by phone, e-mail and Skype. All the necessary information can be found on our website under Contact Us. We will be happy to answer you, and meet over a cup of delicious coffee to discuss the details of your holiday celebrations and events. Choose for you the best of our performance. You can choose any number of our extensive collection of dance. Remember, we love you and dance - it's easy!


We can do extraordinary show for your events. In our program we have the dance with unique wings construction (7 meters in width), stunning dance with multiple costume changes and, of course, beautiful romantic dances. We have worked with the leading Russian companies, as well as Russian and European stars of show business.


  • Russian dance champions
  • Finland cup winners
  • "Baltic star" winners
  • In the Top-40 of the best dancers in the world
  • Trained in the best dance studios in London
  • Members of the International Dance Council at UNESCO


VOICE Dance School:

If you want to learn how to dance and to do it in the style of VOICE, come to our school dances. We will be happy to discover your new wonderful world. In our school you will be able to take their first dance lessons for beginners or move to a new professional level. Dancing for children, dances for adults, wedding dance and exclusive setting for your events: all this can be found in the School of Dance VOICE! Come to us. Dancing - it's easy!


ROMANTIC - love-story style: collection of dances about love:

Love   Vulnerable   You'll see   Soul